Coolest Kid On The Block(chain)

Breet is an automated strictly-spend product that enables smooth conversions of cryptocurrencies to liquid fiat.


Cashback on every transaction.


Active users.


How it works

The User Journey

Using the BREET system, you can easily skip the boring explanation of how or what crypto is, and get straight to business.


Create Account

The user registration takes just a minute, a verification code is sent to the user's email and some KYC requirements are fulfilled.


Assigned Wallets

The user is assigned wallet addresses to which they can receive specific cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world at anytime.


Start Transacting

Users generally don't need to do anything. Any crypto received to the wallet address is automatically credited after necessary blockchain confirmations.

It’s easy

No Stress, just Breeeet...

Using most crypto wallets and exchanges does come with challenges, especially for beginners. Those scary graphs with red and green candle bars do not appeal to everyone. So, how about we keep it simple? With Breet, you can receive payments in crypto and automatically get the equivalent in fiat using a list of preset OTC rates.


The Birth of Breet

We identified a problem, and we provided a solution.

The Problem Statement #1

Johnny is a copywriter, he works with international clients. On a fateful day, Johnny encounters an Australian businessman that needs some copywriting for his crypto product. He is willing to pay a good buck, but his preferred payment method is Bitcoin.

Johnny has been hearing about Bitcoin but never tried it, he is worried that since the value of Bitcoin is volatile, he might not get the exact amount of the payment by the time he’s able to sell it.

Johnny discovered Breet, and all the worries are no more because Breet takes care of that.

The Problem Statement #2

Ajala is an economics savvy and a DeFi genius, he understands the game of inflation and how it affects his wealth. So Ajala keeps his wealth stored up in a crypto hardware wallet.

He only withdraws when he needs cash, but it gets pretty annoying at times when he has to deal with P2P traders on online exchanges who take hours to pay. Ajala needs his cash instantly.

Ajala discovers Breet, and soon realised that he doesn’t even need to take any action to get paid, in less than 5 minutes.

Understand the product...

Cryptocurrency transactions can be conducted on a public exchange , where users have some control over the trading price and peer. However, this option can be complex and daunting forbeginners . Alternatively, Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions provide predefined rates and instructions, making them a more accessible option for those new to trading crypto.

At BREET, we prioritise user-friendliness and straight-to-the-point solutions. With our OTC system, you can skip the lengthy explanations and quickly and easily receive payments in cryptocurrency. Our preset OTC rates ensure that you get the best value without needing to take any additional actions.


Best application for trading your crypto with ease, reliable and fast in payment. I was also happy with the crypto rates. In short, I am impressed and I wish to introduce my friends to this.

— Jane Chimezuo

Playstore User


Breet is the best platform to trade crypto in Nigeria. If I could, I'd give 10 stars. Withdrawal is very fast they are trusted and reliable. The only requirement is the need to add more crypto coins to the system.

— Rui Michael

Appstore User


I sent litecoin to the address provided and I was waiting, before I knew it, I already got the alert in my bank account. I was so happy because I didn’t expect it to be that fast.

— Praise C Okafor

Twitter User

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